who doesn't love a good adventure.

Monday, April 11, 2011

recently, I had a few really great adventures...

It was an amazing trip. Beyond amazing really.
Top Experiences:
1. Some wonderful English boys took a train to meet my friends and I in Paris for a day. (It was truly one of the most romantic things EVER) It was like a fairy tale.
Here is a candid from the trip :] wonderful.
2. Got to see so many beautiful historic things such as: Big Ben, Parliament, Westminster Abbey, the Globe Theater, St. Paul's Cathedral, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Stonehenge, Canterbury, Oxford, Bath, Stratford, Hampton Courts, Eiffel Tower, Sacred Heart Church, Notre Dame, and Abbey Road

A sample of the beauty.
3. Museums: British Museum, the Louvre, Tate Modern, Sherlock Holmes Museum

4. Witnessing the unveiling of the countdown to the Olympics and being interviewed for British television.

5. Great shopping on Oxford Street.
5. Making new friends
6. Seeing the real London, not the touristy one
7. Being on a grown up trip haha
8. Completely, totally worth it.

So I wrote reviews on yelp for quite a few different things we did in London. I would recommend all of them! I really liked the Vortex Jazz club. I would sincerely recommend it for an authentic look at London. Here is a link to my yelp. :] Reviews!

Adventure 2
My friend and I went on a road trip to College Station! It was amazingly fun. I can't give details at this point but really it was fun. I haven't had a weekend like that ever. It was beyond good.

I met a boy... he almost missed a plane for me :] its a long story. He has red hair. We will see what happens. haha

On a serious note:
I graduate in only 32 days and it is terrifying and exciting. I keep having mixed emotions about everything. In some ways I feel like I can take on the world, in others I feel like I am still a kid... I guess I have to be an adult soon. I am ready in so many other ways though. I cannot wait to be a teacher. Student teaching this semester has really showed me my limits and what is possible when teaching. I can't wait to have my own classroom and help kids in Baltimore. It is going to be a completely new experience. I love the idea of moving somewhere I know no one and having to be independent. I did it once, and I will do it again. It worked out so well last time... hopefully it will this time as well. I think that's enough.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Well, it's been a while since I posted. I haven't been on too many giant adventures though.

The rest of semester was good. I had fun, and break was FANTASTIC :] Here are a few photos from home...
gourmet cupcakes :]
my puppies :] - i did a whole photo shoot with them haha

we made a snow kitty! :] (with my sisters) 

I had an amazing time seeing my family and everything. My grandparents won't be around much longer and its good to spend time with them.

I went on an adventure!!! My friends and I spent new years in Austin, Texas! Which is in the top ten places to spend New Years Eve.
A little taste of the crazy night...
There were sooooo many people it was crazy and fun :] It was an adventure for sure. (made some friends and learned some things about friends haha)

We also went to the capital. I am such a Texan. I am proud of my state.
(both taken with my fish eye lens I got recently. It is a favorite.)

So sticking with saying something positive about Oklahoma... here it is.
I do hate how everything is brown all winter... but for some reason I think its beautiful to see dead plants and think about the rebirth they go through. It's a great thought.

Final note....
I am absolutely excited. I got accepted to teach in Baltimore. It is already blowing my mind to think about knowing where I am going to be for the next two years. Plus I have never been to Baltimore so it will be a new experience. I am ready for it though. Teaching under privileged kids is my biggest passion.

Basically - I am blessed

No other way to put it. 

Friday, November 5, 2010

boston in the fall

so... went to Boston!

it was not at ALL WHAT I EXPECTED. and I am actually sad about the whole trip, but that's ok because I love Boston just the same. It's beautiful there this time of year.

Most of those are from mount auburn cemetery in cambridge, I loved it!

Most adventurous thing:
Climbing around on rocks for hours at the quarry... What an awesome day.

for some reason everything seems right when I am there. I don't really know why, but it does.

Best restaurant in South Shore Boston: Kagawa's (Japanese)
Go and eat their food. It is magical.

There you have it, that is life lately.
disappointing, exciting, and scary all at the same time

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Crazy Weekend.

So this past weekend (Oct 8 - 12) I decided last minute to go to...


unfortunately, the person I was supposed to go with ended up not being able to go... so instead I just went! I ended up meeting some really cool people and had an awesome time.

 screaming with 75,000 people at a show is like nothing else.

 craziest story: lost my debit card and had no way to get home. when I was leaving ACL, I decided just to go with it... some people came up to me and asked if I needed help. they offered to give me a ride home at the end of the night so i hung out with him until like 3 am and made it home! it was pretty crazy, but fun.

the whole weekend was amazing. I even met some cool people i am probably going to go to South by Southwest with! excited already! :]

thats the most exciting thing lately. this weekend I'm going to BOSTON! I can't wait :]

Sunday, October 3, 2010

post #4 - Adventures

Good thing about Oklahoma:
Lake Overhostler.
Yay positive attitude!

I have been working hard to go on atleast one adventure every weekend. So here are the adventures:

MC Hammer! Funny funny funny.
He was cool.
Cruising the lake with Mary dearest.
Czech festival that was NOT Czech at all. kind of funny.
I don't want to say what I did this weekend but it is in my top five craziest things I've ever done.
I got a guitar! HOOOOORAY! I am in love.

I've been researching things... And I have discovered pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and chai is going to be my downfall this fall. If you want homemade recipes for either, let me know. They're both amazingly wonderful.
That's about the excitement for now. I have found I am going to Austin City Limits this weekend. That should be an adventure since I don't know anyone who is going or have a place to stay as of now. Hopefully I will soon. I do have lots of friends there.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Post #3 - A Little Oklahoma Fun

New Goal:
write something nice about Oklahoma everytime I post. It's going to be hard, but my goal this semester is to be positive.
Nice thing this week...
BEAUTIFUL sunsets.

Onto this weekend... super fun!

on Friday night my friend Mary and I decided to get pizza from a local place Papa Angelo's (AWESOME pizza, closest to Bostones as it gets.). Watched Monsters vs. Aliens on the lawn and then were bored so we cruised Lake O. It was cool to go to the dam. We climbed a few fences and a bird attacked us... for real. Then we happened upon this AMAZING lightening storm. We started listening to this band Sleep Whale (local band from Denton, TX area... listen to them) and the songs were going exactly along with the lightening... God is amazing. the end.

Saturday was an adventure. Went to a real good old Oklahoma rodeo!
It was a lot of fun. They had this thing called the "ring of fire".... it was scary! The contestants stood in the middle of this ring and they let a bull loose. Last one standing in the circle won $100. It was not fun to watch, well depending on who you are you would think its fun. HA!

Funny Happenings... Mustang is a really weird city. I have never had so many weird experiences in one night.
Why Mustang is so weird:
1.  people honk at you and try to get you to lower your window... the whole time starting at you creepily.

2. The Ring of Fire... It's crazy!
That's the ring of fire...

3. They have tiny fairs where all the workers are sleeping or hitting on you.

5. People yell at you that you need to go home because you're drunk when you're actually quite sober.

6. They fly these flags on their cars.

That about sums up Mustang! haha It was a lot of fun. Memories were definitely made.

Also Sunday, I went back to Red Cup and it was a lot of fun. I think I'll go back again sometime.

Another successful weekend... I'm going to try and keep this up.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Post #2 - back to OKC

I'm back in Oklahoma.
that about sums it up :] just kidding (I searched Oklahoma on Google, this was the first image that came up).
there are some nice things about oklahoma like the bugs and allergies it gives me.
truly though I'm going to have a better attitude this semester and be happy about where I am.
I really do like my school and have some great people to surround me.
So far I've had an exciting all night adventure that ended with making chai mix (which is a wonderful idea, I highly recommend making your own. Saves money... and tastes really yummy! We used allrecipes.com and combined a few recipes to fit our tastes.) I also went to visit my grandparents this weekend, a much needed visit. I am now thoroughly worn out from this weekends excitement.
Oh wait to go back in time I forgot...

MY 21st! It was wonderful :] no big trip like I hoped but I got to hang out with my friends and they were great. It was a good last hurrah. If ever in the North End in Boston, reserve a table at Il Villaggio for dinner and eat there! This is my friend eating his food. Lovely isn't it?
It was around $15 a plate, but totally worth it! The food was awesome and service was good. It was little and cute and super fun.

First drink was at this dive bar called the Beachcomber. It's pretty funny and really just on a trashy beach. It was pretty funny. We also hung out all night out at this place we call Squantum which is one of my favorite places ever. Its beautiful and the Boston skyline is right there in view.

Beautiful right?! I already miss the ocean, Boston, my friends and Ian. Its a little tough, but I do have my wonderful family and friends here in the South!

Story! Ok so getting back here proved harder than I thought. Weather ended up getting me stuck in Baltimore and staying in this hotel near the city -  which had free pick up service that took an hour and a half to get there... meaning we stayed at the hotel less than seven hours. hurray. Finally made it back to Texas only to find I had left my laptop in the airport in Boston. It was a great trip... I ended up missing a day of school.

Anyways so that's my last couple of weeks. I finally am able to get on my computer and feel complete again. Sad isn't it? Anyways hopefully I'll be able to post about something exciting soon. I am hopefully going on a small trip with a friend soon. Cross your fingers! :]